October 12, Roommate Synergy

I finished dinner in our upstairs shared dining room and was downstairs washing dishes when the house owner slid up next to me and whispered:

“I asked Freshman if she wanted to take our dinner and join you upstairs but she said since Korean male roommate was home from work, she didn’t want to.”

I laughed and said in a low voice, “I can’t blame her.”

I don’t know in what particular way he aggrieved Freshman but in any case it was a point of validation for my occasional frustrations with him!

The house owner continued with a thrilling conclusion.

“So I suggested making a downstairs dining room in the empty guest bedroom since it’s not really used these days because of COVID.”

And suddenly after dinner that’s how I found the house owner, Freshman, and I sitting at a plastic foldout table in a guest bedroom assessing the parameters of our new dining room.

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